What’s on at Roselidden



Until the pandemic is brought under control, and life begins to return to normal, very little will be happening at Roselidden.

However we will be working behind the scenes to ensure that whenever we are able to welcome our friends back, the buildings and grounds will be as beautiful and calming as ever.

In anticipation of this, please use the following Quick Links to stay in contact with the wonderful people who regularly come to Roselidden to teach, treat or run events.

Quick Links

Jos Hadfield http://www.roselidden.co.uk/events-at-roselidden/regular-classes-2/

Amanda Brown, Ground of Being http://www.groundofbeing.co.uk

Kate Burford http://www.facebook.com/kate.burford.79

Western Chan Fellowship http://www.westernchanfellowship.org

Mindfulness Cornwall http://mindfulnesscornwall.co.uk

Anita Tempest-Keeping, The Fine Balance http://www.thefinebalance.uk

End of the Road Cafe http://www.endoftheroadcafe.co.uk

DoTerra http://www.doterra.com

Wayne Robbins, The Meditation Trust http://www.meditationtrust.com

Ali Gunning, Resonant Being http://www.resonantbeing.net