End of Life Care



Roselidden is becoming a hub for the development of End of Life Care in West Cornwall, under the guidance of Jos Hadfield.

There are currently four strands to this work; monthly ‘Death Cafés’; occasional courses for those supporting friends and relatives who are close to death; ‘Liminal – a Threshold Choir’ and personal support.

End of the Road Cafe – a Monthly Death Café

The Death Café movement originated in London in 2010, and has now spread across the globe. It allows for people to meet informally to talk through all aspects of the end of life. They are not so much grief or end-of-life support groups as opportunities for confidential and philosophical conversation. They are intended for people who may have someone in their family who is dying, or for people who are simply interested in exploring ideas around death and dying, knowing they too will face it one day. They offer a chance to discuss these important topics in ways that are not taboo, trivialised, or morbid. Meetings are held informally over a cup of tea, and cake, and are not for profit.

For more information on the Death Café movement see Death Cafe

The Death Cafés at Roselidden generally take place on the first Wednesday of each month under the title ‘End of the Road Café’.

For more information on the ‘End of the Road Café’ visit the  End of the Road Cafe Website or End of the Road Facebook Page.

Occasional Courses

Jos is a founder member of the Vinyana Association in Spain, through which she has become a qualified teacher and spiritual companion in end of life care.
The Vinyana Association has been offering training programmes titled ‘Compassionate Care at the end of Life’ in Spain since 2014 to professional health workers and also family carers.

The course for family carers is for those who might wish to help in a hospice or a health centre, and for anyone interested in having the basic skills with which to accompany a dying person. This programme is a distillation into 40 hours of the longer professional course, and was offered in the UK for the first time at Roselidden in Spring 2017.

Details of the course may be viewed here.

Further courses entitled ‘Taking time to care for ourselves’, aimed at helping anyone involved in palliative care to look after themselves have also taken place at Roselidden since 2018.

It is hoped that there will be further opportunities to offer these courses in the coming months and years.

Liminal Threshold Choir

Liminal Threshold Choir is a group of women who meet regularly in order to sing to those at the threshold of life – ‘kindness made audible’.

Liminal sings at bedside at the request of individuals or families. Liminal also brings Open Evenings of Threshold Singing to Roselidden, where you are welcome to come and be wrapped in blankets and sung to, or simply to find out what a Threshold Choir is like. Liminal has sung at World Peace Day events in Truro, and is open to singing at other venues.

For more information contact Jos

Personal Support

Jos can arrange informal personal support to those she meets through the End of the Road Café, the occasional courses and the Liminal Choir who need help coping with the experience of death or dying.