Come to Roselidden and the calm atmosphere will restore your sense of wellbeing. Enjoy the classes, meditations, treatments and music that take place in the Long Barn and Hayloft. Walk the fields and woods nearby, or visit the many local beaches and cliffs. Enjoy all that West Cornwall has to offer; it is all within easy reach.

Before the Covid epidemic began in March 2019, Roselidden was going from strength to strength as a community centre, with more and more groups using the Long Barn and Hayloft. It seemed like hardly a day went by without some activity taking place!

When Covid came, all of that suddenly stopped. We had a near two year interlude, with the place to ourselves! We adapted, with Zoom allowing classes to take place with participants al over the world.

Now we are in a new normal; although face to face activities are now taking place, groups are smaller. Some classes have proved to be uneconomical to run and so have halted.

Our stalwarts still offer weekly classes and treatments at Roselidden; Amanda Brown teaches yoga on Tuesdays, Jos tai chi on Thursdays and zen brushwork at intervals throughout the year, Kate Burford offers shiatsu treatments each Wednesday. 

We have fortnightly meditation sessions with the Western Chan Fellowship on Monday nights. Camerata Kernow  (an a-capella choir led by Nigel Wicken) rehearse every other Friday, and eat cake!

Jos runs her End of the Road Cafés on the first Wednesday of each month. These are informal gatherings to share experiences around death and dying in a mutually supportive environment.

Every other month Wayne Robbins leads day Saturday meditation days.

So,  Roselidden is back in action again!

We always welcome new ideas for Roselidden, so if you would like us to consider your activity, please do contact us.

With best wishes

Jos and Peter
June 2022