Welcome to 2024!

Let us all hope that this year will be calmer, healthier and more peaceful than the last three!

Much has happened since 2020, when Covid halted all that we had been building up at Roselidden over the previous ten years.
A lot of our attention and energy has recently been spent on family matters, and we have needed to take time out to recover our equilibrium.
We have also been thinking about the future, and how we can, and want to, spend our time.

Consequently, we have not been able to put in as much effort as we used to in promoting new events and activities.

Our stalwarts continue to offer weekly classes and treatments; Amanda Brown teaches yoga on Tuesdays, Kate Burford offers shiatsu treatments on Wednesdays, Jos offers T’ai Chi on Thursdays and hopes to resume Zen Brushwork at regular intervals throughout the year. 

We have meditation sessions with the Lizard Chan (Western Chan Fellowship) fortnightly on Monday nights and Ocean River Sangha (Plum Village) on Wednesday evenings. Camerata Kernow (an a-capella choir led by Nigel Wicken) rehearse every other Friday, with cake!

Jos runs End of the Road Café (death café ) on the first Wednesday of each month. These are informal gatherings to share experiences around death and dying in a mutually supportive environment.

We host a number of other events throughout the year including gong baths, day retreats, and faith group activities.

The grounds here continue to develop and mature; we planted over 300 trees in 2023, and the willows, dogwoods and hydrangeas are maturing beautifully now.

When you come to Roselidden we hope that the calm atmosphere and activities on offer will continue to restore your sense of wellbeing

With best wishes

Jos and Peter
January 2024