Re-Opening Roselidden

Re-Opening Roselidden

Jos and I are looking forward to re-opening Roselidden as soon as we are able.

It will be a joy to welcome back all the wonderful people who were attending activities and events before lockdown a long year ago.

The first stage in this process may be from May 17th onwards, when we hope to accommodate activities outside.

As for activities inside in the Long Barn, it very much depends on the social distancing rules in place.

If we have to maintain 2m between participants, we can only allow six plus a teacher.

We hope that restrictions will be eased further than this, and can resume as before.

The second stage is likely to take place from June 21st onwards.

We sincerely hope that all restrictions will be lifted, and that we can operate as before.

Jos & Peter Hadfield

April 2021